About Our School:

Amy's Aquatics began in 2002 after the birth of my third child.  I had taught my older two children how to swim and decided to take the American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor course to get my training.  I have been teaching swim lessons in backyards across the Metroplex since then.  In 2010, I moved into a home with a swimming pool and have been teaching in my backyard since.

Small Group Lessons:

Small group lessons are perfect for children who will work well with a little bit of peer pressure.  All student's skill levels are assessed and lessons are taught accordingly.  Small group lessons are limited to no more than four students for ages 2-5.  There will not be more than five students in a class for ages 6-10,  All students will get plenty of one on one instruction from me during each class. 

Sessions are taught in a two week time period, Monday thru Thursday, with Fridays being used as a bad weather make up day.  Classes are 30 minutes in length. 

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are great for the child who works better in a one on one environment. The student's skill level is assessed and lessons are taught accordingly.

Everyone in the pool!

Swimming should be FUN!!! All classes begin with silly songs and every lesson ends with a little bit of free time.  Every child should leave lessons with a HUGE smile on their face. 

All ages and skill levels are taught basic safety measures.

Parents are asked to drop off their children inside the gate and go run a quick errand or sit in their car while I teach lessons.  I get more out of the kids without parents adding their two cents.  The last day of classes is SHOW OFF DAY!!!  Parents are encouraged to come and sit poolside and share in everything the child has learned. 


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