"Amy has been amazing for both my girls! Our children are your textbook 'strong-willed' so when it comes to something new or something they are afraid to do, they put their foot down and it’s just about impossible to make progress. We were able to drop Lawson off with Amy when she was 3 and she made great progress every single day. Today she is 6 and knows how to swim but we send her each summer to refresh her skills and develop her strokes. She loves her time with Mrs. Amy! Our Collier (2 years old) had a really hard time last summer. She just wanted to cry the whole lesson. Amy was so very patient and understanding. She snuggled and comforted her. Together, we decided to give Collier a little more time. She will be back this summer and I am confident she will be swimming by the end of her session. Thank you, Amy for working with all personality types and for responding to each child in ways that make them feel safe yet challenged." Mikel P.

"I wouldn't send my girls to anyone else!! My 5 year old has had 2 summers with Ms. Amy and has grown leaps and bounds in her lessons. Amy has taught her love of the water, water safety and proper technique all while making it fun!"

"My 2 year old entered the water with Ms. Amy and wouldn't let her go. Now she spends most of her bath time wanting to float, do kickers and blow bubbles! She asks once a week when she gets to swim with Ms. Amy again!!" Julie B.

"When I decided to try Amy's Aquatics, I had already paid for group lessons for two weeks, 4 weeks of private lessons and my 4 year old son still wouldn't put his head under the water. So I felt desperate and frustrated. Many friends recommended Amy's Aquatics, so I figured another 2 weeks of lessons couldn't hurt. I dropped him off really with the hopes he would get to the point where he would blow bubbles. When I returned 30 minutes later Amy told me to watch his progress. She pulled him out to the middle of the shallow end and he SWAM with his face in the water back to the steps! I was so thrilled I could have kissed Amy!!" Beth B.

"We LOVE Amy! She is so patient and kind. After 2 weeks of private lessons, I could not believe that my boy who just had his 3rd birthday was gliding across the pool! Amazing! Now, even 6 months later, my son spontaneously blows bubbles in the bathtub water and dunks his face in the water "like Mrs. Amy taught me". Can't wait to see what magic she performs this summer!" Brooke M.

"Just wanted to let you know that Davis had a close call a couple of weekends ago and followed Wes into the pool. He was able to stay on top of the water and was scooping and kicking like crazy. We got him out quickly, but I know if it hadn't been for the one session with you he would have sunk to the bottom. He didn't swallow water and came out crying. It was absolutely terrifying for me. I just wanted to say thank you again and we will see you in the spring. It only takes a few seconds. You are saving lives and I am so grateful." Amy R.

"So today is dance class, and on the way there, all Emma can say is... Mom, I think I am over dance class now. It is not really my thing anymore. I am more of a swimmer. A good one. And I miss my Amy...I want to quit dance class and swim with my Amy... forever." Melissa H. 

"I am so happy we found Amy's Aquatics. We had tried other local places and they didn't work. My 5 year old son didn't want to go to swim lessons. He was afraid of the water and wouldn't let go to swim on his own. After his first lesson with Amy, he asked when he could go back. Amy has been a lifesaver. In a short few weekends he was letting go and swimming. My 8 year old was afraid of the deep end. After his first few lessons he was able to swim the deep end. He told me he can't wait to start lessons with Amy in the spring again. Thanks, Amy's Aquatics." Amy O.

"Amy was so amazing with my two boys! She instilled so much confidence in my 9 year old. He now dives and can swim with ease. Also, my 3 year old never wanted to go under water or swim and she taught him in under two weeks. What a wonderful and patient teacher!" Alison M.

"My son has Aspergers and was deathly afraid of getting his face wet. He had taken swim lessons for several years in a row as a young child and he would not trust anyone enough to relax in the water. My son was 12 when he finally decided he wanted to try swimming again. He was anxious and scared but Amy was incredible. He took for weeks of lessons that summer as well as the next. He now will not only put his face in the water, but his whole head. He loves to swim and it was definitely Amy that got him to that point. Thank you, Amy!"

"My son Titus started swim lessons this summer with Mrs. Amy when he was just shy of four years old. Before attending his first lesson, he would not put his face under water and I had to be holding him at all times. He was very timid and scared. The first few days were tough on him, letting go of control and fear and trusting Amy. I didn't blame him because he obviously didn't know her. However, he slowly began trusting Amy. After 3 lessons, he was diving to the bottom of the steps to retrieve toys. After the first week, he was swimming to Amy from the steps. The second week, he shocked us all! He decided he was the next Michael Phelps and could swim across the pool without even taking a breath. Because I was nervous about that part, I signed him up for one more week at the end of the summer. He was confidently swimming, coming up to take breaths!. We are so grateful for Amy's compassionate and patient heart! She is easily trusted! I felt safe leaving him in her backyard to become the next Michael Phelps!" Molly A.

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